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Long gone are the days of “Set it and Forget it.” The Internet is no longer a static place. Having a WordPress website or any other kind of website means maintenance. At the very least, you’ll need to be sure your site is secure, is being backed up, and your software is up to date.

Let us take the business of maintaining your site out of your hands. Never worry about if your, Templates, codes, plugins are up to date. Never worry about if your website has been backed up. Never worry that your site will be hacked. Let us do the heavy lifting while you run your business!

FAQS Website Support Services

In 2021, website maintenance costs vary significantly.

Depending on the size, complexity, and functionality of your site, as well as the background, skillset, and pricing model of your service provider, your business may pay $20 to $79 per month or $216 to $848 per year to maintain your website.

A website should receive maintenance at least once a year, which generally includes:

  1. Domain name, SSL certificate, and website hosting renewal
  2. CMS updates and security patches
  3. Ecommerce system updates

Prices for website maintenance have a wide range due to several factors, including:

  1. Your website’s size
  2. Your website’s complexity
  3. Your service provider’s experience
  4. Your service provider’s resources
  5. Your website maintenance service selection

The average price for monthly website maintenance is $20 to $79 per month. Depending on your business and website, you may spend a different amount. That’s why it’s helpful to use this monthly average as a reference rather than a standard.

The average cost for website maintenance each year is $216 to $853. While you may pay for some services on a monthly basis like tech support and website updates, other website maintenance fees require an annual payment.

A few examples of services that usually require upfront payment for the year include:

  1. Domain name
  2. SSL certificate
  3. Website hosting

We can’t make such guarantees, however, the processes we have in place make being hacked much less likely. If you combine our practices with strong passwords and good security configurations, you can sleep at night knowing your site is secure.

(Seriously, use strong passwords.)

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