Social Media Marketing

The World Of Social Media

The Internet is a pretty big place right now. You can do a Social Media search for almost anything and find thousands or even millions or results.

Reach thousands of users and keep them committed to you

Swinotech has developed hundreds of successful social media campaigns and strategies for national and international companies. Carrying objective information through graphic arts, product photographs, forms, notes, paid ads, and specific segmentation.

Increase your audience

Increase your potential and focus on your market target to increase your sales.

Increase your interactions

Be more interactive and interconnect with your followers constantly.

Professional management of Social Media

How to stand put among so many companies and businesses in Social Media?

Swinotech offers quality and objective content in a CONSTANT way. We manage your relationship with your consumers and the audience, which allows them to mobilize towards an acquisition, purchase or a desired action.

Extensive experience on managing Social Media.

Being on Social Media doesn’t mean having an account, it means leading a community

Swinotech has an extensive experience on managing Social Media. We have a professional team that is qualified in the most advanced technologies capable of measuring and developing continuous improvements in the results of each of our clients.

Social Media Statistics and Reports

Previewing the material and monitoring the content to be published on social networks guarantees results

At Swinotech we guarantee exclusivity to each of our clients. With our great experience we have developed an application that enables you to review your Social Media statistics, reports, guidelines and more.

Our SMO Objectives

Quickly upload and insert content

The implementation, development of strategies with previously set goals and objectives.


Planning and execution of the advertising campaigns and paid advertisements.


Visual planning, texts, designs and content publication on Social Media.


Redacting notes and informative articles that relate to the brand and audience.


Analyze and identify the audience profile and potential customers on Social Media.


Monitor all actions to measure the effectiveness of each of the networks.


Dynamization of communities to carry out and increase interactions between them.


Using data to create reports and goals base on monthly results.

Online Store

Do you need to create an online store and be able to sell your products?
Swinotech offers a complete service to achieve this. Here we show you more information on how do it and start boosting your sales online.

Web Application

The latest in web development, applications now help you carry and complete our day to day lives.
Swinotech develops web applications that offer you a variety of functions, interactions and activities. With  24/7 maximum  support