Landing Page

Every ad that you publish on Social Media or pay to go live in paid ads with Google, needs to be targeted and guided towards attracting potential clients.

publicize your business

Don’t stay behind only because you don’t know how to make a change or modification to your website.

Nowadays there are many digital platforms where you can make different style of ads and publicize your business. You can take advantage of the benefits of a landing page and expect a greater force than just placing an image.

24/7 Online Support

Simple and easy to understand. Make more effective sales.

By capturing the users attention, you can use various channels to generate a sale or action from the supplier. Also here you can guide the user to a specific goal.

Follow up and Reports

Monitoring your ads and website properly is vital

Swinotech integrates these tools and helps carry a paid campaign through digital media towards a goal and objective. Generating user friendly real time reports with a greater understanding.

Other characteristics

Generate more online traffic on your website.

Filter Applicants information.

Reach more new potential customers.

Loading information on the platforms.

Generate interaction with users.

Focus your landing site to your needs.

Online Store

Do you need to create an online store and be able to sell your products?
Swinotech offers a complete service to achieve this. Here we show you more information on how do it and start boosting your sales online.

Web Application

The latest in web development, applications now help you carry and complete our day to day lives.
Swinotech develops web applications that offer you a variety of functions, interactions and activities. With  24/7 maximum  support